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What is the ADOS?

ADOS is an acronym for Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule. This is the name of an assessment tool. The test is used to help diagnose Autism Spectrum Disorders in young children. The test is viewed as the “gold standard” for observational assessment of ASD. The revised version contains a Toddler Module. It provides an accurate picture of symptoms that can be used to evaluate anyone suspected of having Autism Spectrum Disorder from 1 year old and up. The test is unaffected by the fact that the person being tested is non-verbal. It is a semi-structured but standardized assessment. The ADOS does look at communication abilities, social interaction, play and restrictive/repetitive behaviors.

Why is early diagnosis important?

Early intervention is important in the treatment of Autism. The amount of intervention that can be provided is often affected by whether there is an actual diagnosis. In order for a child to receive 10 or more hours of applied behavior based intervention a week, the child must have a 3 part diagnosis. This means that the child’s physician, a speech pathologist and a psychologist must assess the child and all 3 agree that the child demonstrates symptoms of autism.

This team assessment can be obtained at the Dennis Developmental Center is Little Rock.

However, it may also be conducted by the staff at The Learning Center and local psychologists.

When this is the option, we have 2 staff members trained to administer the ADOS.

Psychologists partner with The Learning Center to provide assessments by reviewing the ADOS, speech/language evaluations as well as administering additional testing to put together a complete and accurate evaluation.