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Dr. Rocky Haynes

Board Certified Behavior Analyst Coordinator

Dr. Haynes began his career in ABA in 2007 working at the Special School District of St. Louis County as a full-time, front-line ABA paraprofessional. Upon completion of his bachelor’s degree (2011), he transitioned to work at a Psychiatric Acute Stabilization Hospital before moving to Carbondale, IL to earn his master’s degree.

While studying at Southern Illinois University (Carbondale), Dr. Haynes trained at Project 12-Ways, the Illinois Center for Autism, and within long-term care facilities. At Project 12-Ways, Dr. Haynes worked with families who had open child abuse and neglect cases to design and implement daily routines and child management strategies. The primary goal of the project is to assist the family with their reunification goals. As a graduate student training within long-term care, Dr. Haynes studied under Dr. Jonathan Baker, a leading Behavioral Gerontologist. Dr. Haynes designed and evaluated a systems-level staff training model with a focus on teaching certified nursing assistants communication strategies intended to ensure the dignity and respect of older adults with dementia.

Dr. Haynes finished his master’s degree in 2014 and moved to Tampa Florida to study at the University of South Florida under a leading ABA and Child Welfare researcher, Dr. Kimberly Crosland.  Under Dr. Crosland’s supervision, Dr. Haynes assisted with the development of a functional behavioral assessment interview focused on identifying the reason (function) youth runaway from foster care placement. He also designed, implemented, and evaluated a Multi-Tiered System of Support (MTSS) model for residential care facilities supporting youth in foster care.

As a doctoral student, Dr. Haynes was also honored to train with Dr. Rose Iovannone (USF), Dr. Cynthia Anderson (May Institute), and the late Dr. Tristram Smith (University of Rochester) on their grant, Supporting Students with Autism Accessing General Education. As a BCBA coach on their tri-state grant, Dr. Haynes guided school-based teams through a decision-making process to identify evidence-based modules the team could implement to support students in the least restrictive environment.

Upon completion of his doctoral degree (2017), Dr. Haynes worked on the Florida Positive Behavior Intervention Support Technical Assistance team at USF. He guided Florida school districts through designing and implementing systems-level change. Dr. Haynes also led the USF ABA undergraduate program and supervised graduate student thesis.

In 2021, Dr. Haynes decided to leave his faculty position at USF to return to his home state of Arkansas where he grew up in Corning (Clay County). Dr. Haynes has a goal to bring trauma-informed ABA services to the NEA region and expand the practice of ABA to support rural families.  

Position: Board Certified Behavior Coordinator

Education: M.A. in Applied Behavior Analysis- Ball State University


Email: aperkins@tlcnea.com