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Holly Hall, Parent“I feel very blessed to have my son in a place like The Learning Center. The amount of personal attention and care he is getting is phenomenal. Not only have they helped him make tremendous strides in his language skills, but he loves going there. He actually clapped his hands enthusiastically one morning as we drove onto the parking lot. The teachers, aids and therapists clearly have a heart for the work they do. The love they have for their students is undeniable and I will be forever grateful for their commitment and dedication towards students like my son.”
– Holly Hall, Parent

“Our daughter Brianna was diagnosed with Pervasive Developmental Disorder-Not Otherwise Specified (PDD-NOS). We were referred to The Learning Center by her doctor. Since Brianna has attended TLC she has made so much progress. She is very happy and excited to go to TLC each day. The staff are wonderful and care about her and the progress she makes. My husband and I are grateful to have TLC in our daughter’s life and our community.”
– Jenea Cotter, Parent

testimonials“Each child does have a funding source but there are many times during the year where their funding is gone or they lose their funding and they continue to receive services during that time; and, I think that is one thing that is unique about an an agency like ours. Individual donations, corporate donations, and United Way Funding are crucial to allow us to continue to provide the services that these individuals need.”
– Robin Daniel, Director of Finance

“TLC means hope to me. I think that we give the parents hope and I think that we give the children hope. We are here for their success and to make their lives easier.”
– Paula Gann, Preschool Teacher